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Price Varies, from $490.

These Philips shaft radios are from late 70’s/early 80’s Holdens; they have mounting brackets to allow them to fit the ‘unique’ dash of the HQ — the original HQ factory radios were ‘Thumbwheel’ Astor AirChief radios (photo below), but there are Philips AirChief  ‘shaft’ radios as well (see photo below), which have an original mounting bracket for the the HQ, so there may have been a change over period with the radios as the older model Astor AirChief was retired, (maybe the Philips was available through the Holden Dealer??). When the older AirChief eventually was replaced, the Philips was available, as well as the AWA..both radios looked the same, both had GM on the dial, but I’ve only seen 1 Philips which had GM as well as AirChief on the dial.

My range of new CustomAutoSound replacement radios will not fit the HQ because of the narrow dash opening. But I have adapted these Philips & AWA radios to fit very nicely; see photos below, and have a few in stock. Or if you have an original ThumbWheel radio I can convert it to do AM/FM etc as explained just below, or see Radio Conversions & Repairs on the front page. Another rare HQ radio is the AirChief Radio Cassette, photo below.

These Philips/AWA radios are available as;

  • Standard Overhauled AM radio with standard single speaker output, brackets, knobs & fasteners, $490.
  • Converted & Overhauled radio as above with AM, FM, AUX Input & standard single speaker output, $890. Bluetooth or USB extra $270 cost options, or add both for $490 extra cost
  • Converted  & Overhauled radio as above with AM, FM, AUX Input & HI Power 4 channel (45 Watts per channel) $1140. Bluetooth or USB extra $270 cost options, or add both for $490 extra cost.

The details of these Conversions can be found by clicking on ‘RADIO REPAIRS & CONVERSIONS’ on my HOME PAGE.

  • If you have one of these Philips radios you would like overhauled, converted or fitted with mounting brackets for your HQ;  prices start at $299, depending on what options you require. Your radio is evaluated first and a price quoted.

  $242.00 incl shipping for speaker and bracket, incl shipping. Speaker on its own is $198.00 incl shipping.  Hi Power DVC Stereo front speaker and mounting bracket. Replacement Radio Accessories from Established Aussie Business; 45 Years Experience 

  • Hi Power 6 x 9 Stereo Speaker, mounting bracket & fasteners for the Center of the Dash in your HQ Holden
  • This speaker can be used with an Original Mono Radio, or a Hi Power Replacement  Stereo Radio
  • Fits the original opening in the dash, no cutting or drilling
  • This Dual Voice Coil speaker gives great sound from the dash centre
  • and has 70% more cone area than a ‘2 speaker system’ mounted in the same location
  • As you can see in the photos it has 4 terminals;
  • Let me know if you want it prewired for an Original Radio or Aftermarket Stereo radio
  • Fasteners are included, but not the 2 studs which drop through the top of the dash
  • This speaker on its own will fit on the Original Mounting Bracket if you have it, or
  • The Speakers & Speaker Mounting Bracket are available separately if needed
  • From HQ to WB different size speakers were used, the large magnet on this 6 x 9 may cause clearance issues in vehicles with different options, if so the smaller Hi Power 5 x 7 will fit on the same bracket, same price; Check with me if not sure
  • Mono & stereo speakers are available to fit the dash in most vehicles
  • Replacement radios,Accessories, Radio repairs and Conversions are available for most American & Aussie vehicles
  • Reliably selling since 2005.


  • a receipt/tax invoice
  • warranty information
  • operating instructions and where applicable, installation instructions

See below for the DVC Speaker.

For All SpringRing Battery Cables, please call Andre; 0437 194 060.

Reproduction spring-ring cables for GM & vehicles.                                      These are available in 5 different lengths and are correct length and color to suit different HQ models;

  •  #1 Standard HQ with 253 or 308 motor
  •  #2 Standard HQ with Chev Motor
  • #3 GTS, SS, SANDMAN  with 253 or 308
  • #4 GTS, SS, SANDMAN with CHEV MOTOR             
  • #5 HQ 6 Cylinder standard Kingswood etc

NOTES; GTS, SS, SANDMAN means your vehicle has the Factory Amp Meter, and also note the cable connection to the starter motor in the last photo, this is factory correct for the CHEV Motor.

  • #1  standard HQ with 253 or 308; Positive cable LENGTH BETWEEN TERMINALS; PRIMARY(large) 1155mm, & SECONDARY(small) 600mm. Diameters; primary 9.5mm (4 gauge), secondary 4.5mm (10 gauge), Negative cable LENGTHS BETWEEN TERMINALS ; PRIMARY 420mm & SECONDARY 235mm. Diameters; primary 9mm (6 gauge), secondary 3.5mm (12 gauge)
  • #2  standard HQ with CHEV; POSITIVE CABLE LENGTHS BETWEEN TERMINALS; PRIMARY(large) 1710mm, & SECONDARY(small) 1170mm. Diameters; primary 9.5mm (4 gauge), secondary 4.5mm (10 gauge), NEGATIVE CABLE LENGTHS BETWEEN TERMINALS; PRIMARY 660mm & SECONDARY 290mm. Diameters; primary 9.5mm (4 gauge), secondary 3.5mm (12 gauge)
  • #3  GTS, SS, SANDMAN with 253 or 308 POSITIVE CABLE LENGTHS BETWEEN TERMINALS; PRIMARY(large) 1170mm, NO SECONDARY.  Diameter 9.5mm (4 gauge), NEGATIVE CABLE LENGTHS BETWEEN TERMINALS; PRIMARY 420mm & SECONDARY 235mm. Diameters; primary 9mm (6 gauge), secondary 3.5mm (12 gauge)
  • #4 GTS, SS, SANDMAN with CHEV; POSITIVE CABLE LENGTHS BETWEEN TERMINALS; Primary cable only (no sec. cable) 1710mm, diameter 10mm (2 gauge), NEGATIVE CABLE LENGTHS BETWEEN TERMINALS; PRIMARY 660mm & SECONDARY 290mm. Diameters; primary 9.5mm (4 gauge), secondary 3.5mm (12 gauge)
  • #5 6 Cylinder standard HQ Kingswood etc; POSITIVE CABLE LENGTHS BETWEEN TERMINALS; PRIMARY(large) 955mm, & SECONDARY(small) 715mm. Diameters; primary 9mm (6 gauge), secondary 3.5mm (12 gauge),NEGATIVE CABLE LENGTHS BETWEEN TERMINALS; PRIMARY 531mm & SECONDARY 234mm, primary 9.5mm 4Ga and Sec 3.5mm 12Ga.
  • TERMINALS as shown, check the photo of these cables fitted to a Kingswood.

These are quality battery cables, & are available in various lengths, if you have a requirement for different lengths to suit a different vehicle, please let me know. Replacement Radios, Accessories, Radio Repairs and Conversions are available for most American & Aussie vehicles. Reliably selling since 2005. WITH THIS PURCHASE YOU WILL RECEIVE:

  • a receipt/tax invoice
  • warranty information.
  • operating instructions and where applicable, installation instructions.

See below for the Spring-ring Cables.

RADIO FASCIA & BOTTOM BRACE to suit HQ ThumbWheel Radios.

FASCIA $180.00 complete with decals, these plastic  fascias are a great repro of the original, $185.00 with decals and fasteners.

BOTTOM BRACE $40 with retaining PK and washer.

See below for the photos.


I have successfully restored one of these for a client,

please see photos below.

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