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348 409 Chev Parts & Info.

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About MY409

348 and 409 Engine Parts & Motors, INCLUDING –  Memorabilia, Pre 1982 Radio FM Conversions with Bluetooth etc. Sanderson Headers for LHD vehicles. Also have a look at my ebay store…

I started my Radio Apprenticeship in 1969, so to continue working on these Classic Radios etc is a privilege. I have always enjoyed owning & restoring Classic vehicles as well, having owned many from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. The first Chev I drove was a ’48 Farm Ute, in the late 60’s, and it was in 1981 when I purchased my first chev, a 1968 Impala SS Fastback, & have had many Chevies since, still have a few, with a Mopar as well.

Here at MY 409 I will help you with your 348-409 rebuild and/or modification. I have been into these motors for over 30 years now, and when I first started out, not many rebuild parts were obtainable. Now it is different, with all sorts of goodies like aluminum heads and blocks. MY409 offers complete motors & used parts when available, 348 or 409.

I am constantly in touch with different suppliers in the USA who not only have 348/409 motor parts, but also restoration parts for Chev cars.

I can convert your original AM radio to AM/FM, 4 channel with BlueTooth, so you retain the original radio, with its classic looks . HiPower dash speakers designed especially for Classics are also available.  Conversions are available for most pre 1982 car radios, portable and mantle radios, 8 track and cassette players, record changers and radio-grammes etc.

So whatever you need – give me a call. I aim to make it easier for you than it was for me, to get the parts you want for your project. I will pass on my knowledge and experience to provide you with the service needed to help your project come to fruition – from rebuilds to modifications, bolt on performance, any Chevy bits – used and new. Have you seen the original advertising Chev used in newspapers or magazines? I have lots available (laminated color copies) from 1927 to 1971.

I cater for all makes of LHD Classics when it comes Sanderson Headers.

At the present time I am working on the production of cast alloy oil pans for these W motors. My 63 425hp 409 is where it belongs in the `63 Biscayne 2 door sedan. It saw its first 5000 mile in the `62 Bubble top. The 280HP Tri Power 348 (rebuilt 12000 mile ago) saw its first 7000 miles in the `59 Apache, then 5000 miles in the Bubble top. It is having a rest on the floor. I have sold the `60 Elcamino, factory 250hp 348 stick, it was a lot of fun. 

348 409 INTERCHANGEABLE PARTS; There are several parts used in the 348 and 409 motors which are common to either the 283 – 350 small blocks and the 396  427  454 mark iv big block.

  • The bellhousing bolt pattern is the common SB – BB pattern.
  • The motor mounts are standard SB, but I suggest you use the locking type – cheap insurance!
  • Fuel pump is small block.
  • Hyd lifters are SB.
  • Oil pump to dizzy drive shaft is BB, use only steel retainer.
  • Overall dimensions are not much more than a SB and weight is less than a BB.

The 348 – 409 will bolt into the same spot a SB was and if the SB had the standard 1962 283 type 2″ Rams Horn exhaust manifolds, I believe the standard 348 2” manifolds will connect to these SB engine pipes.

To find out EVERYTHING you will ever need to know about the `W` motors, PLEASE VISIT   …they have “EVERYTHING ON THE 1958-65 FULL SIZE CHEVROLET. SPECIALIZING IN THE LEGENDARY 348-409 ENGINES”.

BELOW; a few of my past and present vehicles.