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Radio Conversions & Repairs

‘you cant cruise without tunes’

Radio Conversion from $396….
OPTION 1; If you have a good working AM radio, conversion prices start at $396 for AM, FM. The radio retains its original circuitry & standard output power, & the original speaker can be retained, an Auxiliary Input is a $33 option.

OPTION 2; NOW up to 180 watts RMS with 4 Channels, From $792.
More power, more features than ever before! These conversions are made to fit inside the original radio, so they look and work correct when installed in the dash. The original electronics are replaced with a new high power digital stereo receiver designed to work with the original mechanical tuner and controls.
Due to the very small size, made possible by extensive use of surface mount technology, I can convert any analogue radio, any year, any model, 6 or 12 volt. All original functions are fully operational, including Wonderbar, Town & Country, or other signal seeking tuners. Crystal controlled tuning eliminates drift. Switching between AM and FM bands is done by turning the radio off and then back on again when the radio did not originally have an AM/FM switch (a Band switch can be fitted if desired, see photo).
From 1 to 4 speakers can be used, with no loss of sound quality.
The balance and fader controls are easily adjusted using a unique option that allows the tone control to be used for multiple functions on radios that did not originally have a balance or fader control. Pushbuttons can be set for AM or FM stations using the same method that was used originally.
All ‘standard’ conversion radios are equipped with a fixed rear 1.5 metre cable with a 3.5mm stereo plug for the AUX input; this can reach the glove box, ashtray or console.
USB, Bluetooth are additional cost.

USB can be added for an additional $253.00, with these features;
•New Voice Assist feature guides user through operation – English, Spanish, French and simple beep tones are user selectable
• USB now supports all native charging modes
– SDP, CDP and DCP profiles supported
– Full 2A charging current
– Supports proprietary modes such as Apple® 1A/2A and BlackBerry®
– Intelligent, high efficiency power supply will not cause interference on AM reception of FMR-2
– Continues charging with radio turned off (power still supplied to radio)
• USB now supports AAC, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis file types
– User can freely intermix .acc .m4a .mp3 and .ogg files on USB drive
– AAC is the standard file format used by Apple iTunes® and many other music services, copy files directly from your music library!
All USB functions are adjusted with the existing radio controls, an extra cost option for the USB is a removable ‘dongle’ on which is mounted the AUX input, USB input & the RED push-button which gives you control of the USB & also lets you know its status by different flashes of RED. The optional dongle can be mounted in a suitable place ie; glove-box or console, or left loose in the glove-box, lately however all users prefer NO DONGLE.

BLUETOOTH can be added for an additional $253.00, with these features;
•Uses the latest Bluetooth 4.1 for best compatibility – Native support for AAC audio!
•New Voice Assist feature guides user through operation – English, Spanish, French and simple beep tones are user selectable
• Supports call waiting/conference calling
• Internally or externally mounted microphone
• Supports music streaming
All BLUETOOTH functions are adjusted with the existing radio controls, an extra cost option
available is the dongle option similar to above which includes the AUX input & RED Push-button to control the B/tooth. BUT…WITH NO Dongle, & Without the RED push-button, all Bluetooth and USB functions are controlled with the original radio controls, with no need for the extra cable & finding a spot for the Dongle…most popular.

USB & Bluetooth together can be added for $440.00 with all the features above & no need for the dongle.

A speaker upgrade will also be needed, if not already done. High Power Stereo speakers are available which fit into the original position in the dash. These are great as they don’t require any mods to your vehicle, & sound good. Go to the ‘ACCESSORIES’ page for details.

Pictured is a 1957 Chevy WonderBar radio that has been converted with Bluetooth,& has the optional Band Switch for FM/AM, with the optional external Mic shown but is not needed with the Built-in-Mic. The appearance as viewed from the passenger compartment remains original, except for the addition of `OPTIONAL` indicator LED; a tiny LED has been embedded in the dial background that indicates status by changing colors for various conditions. AM is red, FM is green, blue is Bluetooth, most users don’t include this LED, and the radio looks absolutely standard from the front. All controls functioning as designed, with most controls having 2nd & 3rd functions. Inside, the chassis which contained the tubes and transformers has been removed and replaced with a new, modern digital stereo receiver and 180 watt RMS 4 speaker amplifier. The original antenna connection and all “up front” controls are retained.
The original mounting is still in place so it goes back in the car the same way it came out. Radios can be configured for 1, 2, 3, or 4 speakers if powered from a 12 volt system.
Can be programmed for North American or Euro (Aussie) frequencies!
All conversions include an overhaul of the tuning and push-button mechanisms, but any parts required are additional cost.
6 volt electrical systems can be converted with slightly reduced audio specifications.

Conversions, AUX IN & B/tooth additions can be done to most pre 1980 radios, radiograms, portables, etc.

Radio Repairs from $66.00.

I will have a go at repairing any pre 1980 car radio, car record player, portable car radio, ‘transistor’ radio, mantle radio, radiogram, cassette player and 8 track player. I started my TV & RADIO Apprenticeship back in 1970, when these radios weren’t RETRO. Give me a call.

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