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Phil's Radios;


348 409 CHEV PARTS.




Aussie Fords which used a RHD version of the LHD Dash


Replacement Radios from Established Aussie Business; 45 Years Experience.

Scroll to the very bottom for photos for the different year Models.

   USA230 Radio, $396 incl shipping. 20161111_135452-large

   USA630 is $528, & with B’tooth is $726, incl shipping. 


USA740 Radio, $649 including shipping,



RADIO FEATURES, comparison chart:

USA230 USA630 USA740
AM/FM, 4 Channel, 12 Volt * * *
200Watt (50W per channel) *
300Watt (75W per channel) * *
AUX Input(rear) RCA + cable * * *
AUX Input (front) 3.5mm *
USB Input (rear cable) * *
Built-in Bluetooth *
Optional Bluetooth *Works in AUX *Special Kit  *Built-in
4 Channel RCA Pre-outs * * *
Subwoofer Pre-out (RCA) *
Balance & Fader * * *
Separate Bass & Treble  * * *
Power Aerial Connection * * *
7 Color Adjustable Readout *
12 x FM & 4 x AM Presets * *
15 x FM,  10 x AM Presets *
Loudness Control * * *
Switchable Clock  * * *
Display Dimmer Control *
Optional CD Player (single) *Special Unit * Special Unit
USA/EURO tuner * * *
EyePod Input (rear cable) **See below
Wiring Harness with labels * * *
Operating & Install Instructs * * *
Fit USA & Aussie Vehicles * * *

**Built-in i controller, rear cable; This unit is equipped with an eyePod ready function that will allow you to control your eyepod (if compatible) using the control panel of the radio. The following versions are supported at the time of this writing. eyePod 3G (firmware version 2.2 only), eyePod Mini, eyePod 4G, eyePod Photo, eyePod Nano (1st, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th and 6th generation. 7th and 8th have smaller lightning cable, an adapter needs to be purchased from Appropriate store) NOTE: eyePhone and eyePod Touch are not supported.

These Radios are;

  • Supplied fully assembled with fascia & fasteners, ready to fit; no modifications needed to your dash
  • Fitted with Chrome nose, black pushbuttons, with chrome and black knobs as in photos below
  • Check your dash trim compared to the photos below to make sure the dash is correct. Please contact me if you are not sure
  • If your vehicle has had the dash cut to fit a late model DIN-size radio, I may be able to help

Replacement Radios, Speakers & accessories, Radio Repairs and Conversions are available for most American & Aussie vehicles.


  •   a receipt/tax invoice
  • warranty information
  • operating instructions and where applicable, installation instructions
  • Full backup warranty, service and advice.

Photos below.


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