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348 409 CHEV PARTS.




63 Biscayne

’63 Chevy Biscayne 2 Door Sedan.

Factory 409, 425 Horsepower.
Not restored, maintained.
Build Date 3rd week of December 1962.
Factory options, as per the body tag;
• Code M20 – T10 4 speed, if you ordered 4.11 gears, you got the close ratio box.
• The rev counter is part of the package with the 425HP 409
• Code Z – metallic brake linings, with special Master Cylinder
• Code AO2 – tinted front screen
• Code B70 – padded dash pad
• Code 948 – Palomar Red paint
• Trim 865 – vinyl/vinyl interior (no cloth)
• Style 63 1211 – 1963 Biscayne 2 door sedan, V8.
These are on the car now and are the originals;
• the ‘metallic brake’ master cylinder (overhauled)
• tinted front screen
• most of the paint, a few rust repairs have been undertaken
• pushbutton radio with new rear aerial
• posi tag on the diff housing, although the diff centre has been changed..dated Jan 63, 4.11 gears & posi. (Diff centre and posi unit overhauled and axle bearings replaced)
• factory hole & bracket for the rear aerial. (New aerial and cable fitted)
• factory hole & Pod for the rev counter (with new & correct replacement rev counter)
• the original 1/8” fuel return line for the dual quads as well as the 3/8” fuel supply line, which was part of the ‘QB’ code, 409 425HP package
• the chrome dress-up package is also part of the 425HP option, you got it weather it was fitted to an Impala, Belair or a Biscayne.
The motor is a correct QB code numbers matching 425HP 409, with the build date stamped 2nd week December ’62. It has a replacement water pump fitted, which does not have a casting date.
The motor has had a standard rebuild, but with 10:1 compression instead of the factory 11:1, and the reground original solid lifter cam.
It is fitted with correct Carter Carbs date stamped November ’62.
The overhauled gearbox is a correctly numbered close ratio aluminium `62 T10 date stamped October ’62, and is the last of the T10s before the Muncie was introduced in January 1963.
Sanderson headers replace the original cast headers.
The original interior was ‘well worn’ to say the least; it has been replaced with the correct fawn color vinyl seat covers and side trims, the new hood liner is the correct ‘bark’ pattern. The cracked and faded original padded dash has been replaced with a good condition original pad, recolored the the correct dark fawn.
A true Factory Muscle Car; a Survivor in ‘close’ to original condition, and mostly ‘NUMBERS CORRECT’.
FOR SALE??…. Maybe.  Phil,  Phone 0407 409348.


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